Registration and Enrollment

School Tours

We’re proud of our school, and we’d like to give prospective parents the chance to see Feather Sound Christian Preschool for themselves. To make an appointment for a personal tour, please call us at (727) 573-1012 or email to

Registration Process

Due to limited space and a high number of applicants each year, we are unfortunately unable to accept every child for admission. Applications are processed in the order they are received.


Enrollment papers

These forms are only for those accepted to our school after Registration.

Please complete all forms in their entirety. Pinellas County Licensing Board requires that ALL forms be filled out completely or your paperwork will be returned to you and your child will not be permitted in school until it is properly filled out.

  • Put “N/A” or a dash if applicable, do not leave any space blank.

  • Your emergency contacts must be local and you must list at least two contacts other than yourself.

  • For hospital preference you must list a physical hospital with address and may not write “closest”.

  • If your child does not have a dentist at this time, write your pediatrician’s information in those fields.

  • The snacks/meals served daily are AM snack (for all students) and PM snack (for full-time students only), please check these boxes accordingly. Do NOT check lunch.

  • The emergency medical release must be notarized. School does NOT have a notary on staff.

  • You must include up-to-date FL Certificate of Immunization (blue form) and School Entry Health Exam (yellow form) with your enrollment paperwork. These are obtained from your child’s pediatrician.

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